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Therapy and Health Input

Perseid School is fortunate in having a large and experienced team of therapists working in partnership with our class based staff. Some of the therapists are funded directly by the school, and some are funding Health and are employees of CLCH.

School Funded Therapists

Speech and Lanuage Therapy

The School employs two Speech and Language Therapists to provide pupils from Reception upwards, with the intervention set out in their statement or EHCP.

Occupational Therapy

The School employs two Occupational Therapists to provide sensory integration therapy and fine motor skills programmes to our pupils.

School funded therapists work under the direction of the school Leadership Team and are fully integrated into all aspects of the educational offer.

Health Funded Therapists

Speech and Language Therapy

Health provide the school with a therapist for two days per week to provide speech and language therapy to all nursery aged pupils in accordance with their EHCP.

This therapist also provides advice, guidance and intervention for pupils who have specific eating and drinking difficulties and who are in receipt of an eating and drinking passport they also provide advice, guidance and intervention, including onward referral if necessary, for pupils who require an assistive or augmentative communication device.

Occupational Therapy

The Health Occupational Therapists are responsible for splinting and seating


The Health Physiotherapists provide direct physio and hydrotherapy, as well as drafting physio and stretching programmes for use in class.

Three full time therapy assistants work alongside the health therapy team.

School Nursing

Health provide four school nurses and a small team of healthcare assistants across both campuses, to meet pupils’ healthcare needs. This includes drafting healthcare plans, liaising with hospital consultants, dietitians, GPs, as well as providing direct healthcare input to pupils during the day, eg feeds, medication and seizure management.