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MOVE at Perseid School

MOVE – Movement Opportunities Via Education

What is the MOVE programme?

The MOVE programme is a way of life that is designed to help anyone who has not learnt to sit, stand or walk by the average age that they would normally, helping them to achieve a greater level of independence and inclusion.  This is achieved through instruction, adaptive equipment, therapy and family support.  It is about practices that are put in place so that pupils with disabilities and/or complex needs are supported to gain the physical and communication skills in order to sit (to participate in activities and education), stand (to increase strength, mobility and flexibility), walk (to participate and complete tasks with less or no support) and to transition (from one position to another like standing up from a chair or getting out of bed).  The MOVE programme raises expectations and focuses on positive opportunities to help pupils reach their maximum potential in movement. 

The MOVE programme has the potential to positively impact every area of a pupil’s life and wellbeing as well as the lives of their families.  It ensures that the pupil and their family are fully involved as team members developing their personal programme.  MOVE Plans are created around personalised and achievable goals that develop the pupil’s physical and communication skills for both learning and life.  These goals are set by the pupil (where possible) in collaboration with the support of their family and other professionals.  The pupil is always placed at the centre of the process.

What does MOVE look like at Perseid School?

At Perseid School we are strongly committed to the MOVE programme.  We are currently working towards achieving the MOVE Quality Mark which we anticipate will be achieved in January 2017.  During the most recent MOVE consultancy day in October 2016 the positive impact of the MOVE programme on the independence and wellbeing of our pupils were highlighted and the MOVE facilitator commented that our commitment towards MOVE was clearly visible throughout her visit.

Our dedicated MOVE team is led by Riana Jackson and Sarah Hills and other members of the therapy team.  We currently have 22 pupils on the MOVE programme with new pupils joining the programme each year.

Once a pupil has been identified as a potential candidate for a MOVE programme an initial assessment date is set.  During this initial assessment the school’s MOVE team alongside the therapists and the pupils’ families complete a MOVE assessment that identifies skills that they may already have acquired and identify possible short term targets leading to long term goals. Goals are set that are meaningful and functional to the pupil and their family, for example, to be able to sit at the table for a meal with the family.  Once the goals are set the MOVE team will work out skills that are needed to achieve the goal and then identify when and how these skills might be practised within daily routines as well as possibly creating new opportunities to practise skills.  This will include looking at the amount of support and prompting the pupil may need at the start of the learning process to achieve their short term targets and long term goals.  Over time these supports may be reduced to increase the pupil’s confidence in their new skills and independence.

The MOVE team is also committed to supporting class teams to integrate the teaching of MOVE skills into every possible opportunity throughout the school day to increase every pupil’s potential to reach their goal.  We keep an accurate picture of each pupil’s progress through regular monitoring meetings and collecting evidence of their progress. 

It is also very encouraging to receive feedback from parents – here is what one parent wrote:  ‘… one target was that my daughter would work at sitting unaided on a chair, which would give her freedom when we are away from home to use normal chairs and enable her to get out of her wheelchair. We were really excited to see photos of her at school sitting in a plastic chair last summer and at the Physio session at Half term were very impressed at how confident she was sitting on a bench with no back.  This opportunity has allowed her to practice and develop her physical skills and we have really seen a difference’.

For more information on the MOVE programme, please visit the Enham Trust website: