Perseid School

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What are the school hours?

Our school day starts at 8.50 and finishes at 3.20. Pupils have a lunch break in the middle of the day and snack time mid morning

Do you have usual school holidays?

Yes, we follow the same school holiday pattern as all the school in Merton

How many children are there in each class?

Our class sizes are small – usually 7/8 pupils with one teacher and up to 5 teaching assistants

Do the children go out on trips?

Yes – we love going on trips! Pupils  visit museums, the theatre, concerts, take part in sports competitions and event, go ice skating, visit the farm, the park, the library...

 Please can we arrange to visit the school and can you send us a Prospectus?

Yes, please call the main office on the lower school campus to book an appointment, whichever campus  you  wish to view.

If you would like a prospectus sent ( you can also view it on the website) please email

Do you take children from areas other than Merton?

We are sometimes able to take pupils from areas other than the London Borough of Merton. This depends on our vacancy situation. In all cases, whilst a parent is welcome to make an informal visit, the request for a placement must come from the child’s home borough, and your Caseworker would usually make this request.

Can I put my child’s name on the waiting list?

As all of the pupils attending Perseid have a Statement of SEN or an EHCP, we are not able to hold a waiting list.

My child uses PECS but I don’t know how to make the symbols or where to buy resources. Can you help?

Please ask your child’s class teacher to prepare the symbols you require. You can purchase PECS books, visual schedules etc from Pyramid Education –

What websites could my child use at home?

Here are some suggestions:



Purple Mash

Do you have access to Speech and Language Therapists?

Yes – we have one full time and one part time SALT, plus a SALT funded by Health to support pupils with specific eating and drinking difficulties and to support those pupils who use a specific communication device.