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All pupils at Perseid School are placed in age-related pastoral groups.

In order to maximise pupil achievement and development, it is vital that structures and strategies are in place to provide for pupils’ different learning styles and to ensure pupils understand their daily routine.

Pupils with autism are therefore taught as a discreet group for core lessons of English and Maths.

Perseid School makes use of a number of specialist strategies to benefit our pupils’ learning experience and development, including curriculum pathways.

Red Pathway:

This pathways is for pupils working at higher p levels and above (developmental age of above 2 years).

They are able to or are learning to work as part of a group and can learn with increasing independence. They are usually verbal or use PECS, Ipads or VOCA's to a high standard.

Orange Pathway:

This pathways is for pupils working on routes for learning or within the p levels (usually with a developmental level between 15 months to 2 years).

They usually learn through play based learning and require a degree of structure to their learning.

Yellow Pathway:

This pathways is for pupils with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties who are working on Routes for Learning and are at very early developmental level (developmental age up to 15 mths)

They usually have multisensory needs and require a sensory approach to learning. They often benefit from early communication work including intensive interaction and use eye gaze technology.

Our Autism Specific Pathways are blue, turquoise and green.

Blue Pathway:

This pathways is for pupils who require a highly structured way of learning.

They are usually working at the higher p-levels and above (developmental age of 2 years and over) and/or are making relatively quick progress.

Turquoise Pathway:

This pathway is for pupils with high sensory needs and require a highly structured way of learning.

They are working within the p-levels (developmental age between 15 and 24 months). They usually work individually and benefit from the use of PECS and intensive interactions. 

Green Pathway:

This pathway is for pupils with complex needs and who require an integrated therapeutic approach in order to meet their individual needs.

Pupils benefit from a needs led, play based curriculum focused on developing their engagement and attention. They use a total communication approach, incorporating all forms of communication such as as gesture, facial expression, PECS, sign and Intensive Interaction. 

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