Perseid School

Pupil Achievement and Assessment

All pupils are currently assessed against P-level descriptors and developmental levels in English (in reading, writing, speaking and listening) and Maths (number, shape, space and measure, and using and applying).  Pupils are assessed using teacher assessments, which are moderated by the senior leadership team.   Those pupils who have achieved P8 are assessed in two areas of writing; transcription and composition and in maths under the headings number, measure, geometry and statistics and working mathematically.  We are moving towards assessing the pupils only using developmental levels and not reporting against the P-levels in 2019-20. 

In accordance with recent legislation our statutory reporting will be incorporating use of the Engagement Profile for pupils working currently at p1-4.

  • Pupils in Year 2 and 6 are assessed against the pre-key stage standards in Reading, Writing and Maths.
  • Pupils in sixth form work towards external accreditation which is assessed according to the relevant exam board timetable.
  • New pupils to the school are assessed in their first half term, using information from the previous school and teacher assessments. Pupils joining the Early Years Foundation Stage are assessed in the first half term by the Assistant Head and class teacher against P-levels/3 Star assessment framework and the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile, to produce a baseline. 
  • Challenging end of year and end of key stage targets are set by the class and pathway teacher and moderated by the relevant Assistant Head.  These form the basis of the Key Learning Target (Perseid’s IEP equivalent – soon to be called Personal Learning Plans).
  • Progress towards these targets is monitored termly by the leadership team using a KLT (Key Learning Target) tracker, Red Amber Green (RAG) rating on plans and lesson observations and by termly assessment meetings with the Assessment Leads.
  • Pupils who are not on track to meet their end of year and end of key stage targets are flagged on a ‘children of concern’ list so that interventions can be put in place in order to bring their progress back on track.

We have reflected carefully on how we evaluate the success of our pupils and have decided that moving forwards we need this document to demonstrate their progress in many different areas and not solely attainment in English and Maths. 

A good example of how progress has not been captured accurately if we focus exclusively on English and Maths data is the ‘results’ of the Orange pathway pupils at lower school.  From the English and Maths data, it would appear that this pathway is of concern, however, we know that these pupils have made extremely good progress in MOVE, behaviour and independent learning.  We will be adjusting this document in order to better evaluate progress and to show the contribution of senior leaders to pupil learning.

Pupil Destinations 2021

In the year 2021, five pupils from Perseid transitioned into higher education.

Four pupils currently attend  Orchard Hill College, and are studying Skills for Work and Living or Foundation Skills for Life. One pupil attends Merton College Aurora Centre, studying Personal Progress, Independence Skills, Supported Internship and Ticket to Level 1.


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