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Intensive Interaction

Intensive Interaction is an approach utilised for teaching communication abilities, to children and adults with autism, severe learning difficulties and profound and multiple learning difficulties.

The approach focuses on applying the Fundamentals of Communication – concepts and performances that precede speech development.

The Fundamentals of Communication can be characterised as:

  • Sharing attention with others and learning to give others attention
  • Extending attention and concentrating on others
  • Developing shared attention into activities
  • Exchanges of behaviour
  • Using and understanding non-verbal communications and physical contact
  • Learning use and understanding vocalisations, gradually becoming more varied and extensive, thus precise and meaningful.

Intensive Interaction works by progressively developing enjoyable and relaxed interaction sequences between a partner and learner.

The interaction sequences are repeated and gradually grow in duration, complexity and sophistication, resulting in free-flowing Fundamentals of Communication.

Intensive Interaction is a key communication strategy used at Perseid to support our pupils and we have found that the approach works alongside other existing methods of communication, reduces frustrations of pupils, works as part of a behavioural support plan and reaches pupils’ who are difficult to interact with; therefore it is a key part of total communication approach.

All staff at Perseid School are trained as Intensive Interaction practioners!

All staff at Perseid School are trained as Intensive Interaction practioners and we encourage parents to try the approach at home, to boost pupil learning. In order to aid this, Perseid School provides families with the opportunity to attend a termly Intensive Interaction coffee morning, where parents/carers can share ideas with how to extend the provision at home, and invite parents/carers to the school to discuss the child’s specific needs and an observation of a session led by the Intensive Interaction Coordinator.

If you require further information or wish to express an interest in Intensive Interaction, please contact the school on 020 8658 9737 or email and address all support requests to the Intensive Interaction Lead.


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