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Creative Arts at Perseid

Over the summer holidays, we take time to reflect on key aspects of our school provision and the summer term.

The Creative Arts supports all pupils to develop their skills in drama, dance, art and music. The Arts are taught both as a separate subject, and used as a teaching method in other subjects’ areas. The curriculum ensures that pupils have access to a broad and diverse culture.  We believe that the Arts are essential for promoting positive emotional and physical well-being. Learning through drama, dance, art and music supports pupils to make meaningful links to real life experiences, form strong memories, develop a sense of self and allows them to experiment with being creative and independent within a safe space.

The art foci for the Summer term 2021/22 at Perseid School included:

  • OAE visit at Lower
  • Polka theatre visits - pupils at Lower school have visited the Polka theatre to see ‘The Paper Dolls’.
  • KS4 Drama Workshop: KS4 pupils' drama production has an adjusted focus due to the recovery curriculum in place to support pupils during the pandemic. This year pupils will have an opportunity to participate in an exciting drama workshop day learning about performance skills, prop making and staging of the Shakespeare play, The Tempest.
  • Upper School Arts Week & Showcase: The Arts lead and a working party will be planning the arts activities for the week. The week RAN from 4th to 8th July.
  • KS4 Arts exhibition: showcasing the excellent Key Stage 4 artwork will be held at Bourne Hall during the week of 4th July. This event was open to the public beginning with a pre-show launch event for invited guests from 4-5pm on 4th July.
  • Live Music Now music concert. A harpist will perform two 25-minute concerts one for Sixth Form and one for KS4 on 14th July.


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