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We are thrilled to have been recognised for our dedication and efforts, in ensuring our pupils receive the correct eye care and regular check-ups, however this would not be possible if not for our long-standing partnership with SeeAbility.

SSAT Journal 

The SSAT Journal promotes the work of schools and teachers, allowing educators to share experiences and feedback to spark conversation and share best practice. Perseid School Executive Headteacher Tina Harvey features in this SSAT Winter Journal 2022, showcasing Perseid's relationship with SeeAbility and The Power of Sight Testing in Special Schools.

SeeAbility Blog

Perseid School Executive Headteacher Tina Harvey has spoken with SeeAbility on the importance of eye care in special schools.
"Like all of my colleagues that have welcomed this service in their day special school my message for NHS England is that it must not break its promise: and remain fully committed to this being a service for all special schools.”
Read the full blog on how teachers including Tina have found the eye care service and the long term impact eye care has had at our school here: How Special Schools Have Embraced Eye Care. 


ABDO, the Association of British Dispensing Opticians, represents  6,361 qualified dispensing opticians in the UK. In October 2019, ABDO published an online article focused on MP Siobhain McDonagh attendance at Perseid School for the launch of a groundbreaking report launched by SeeAbility and our work together, please visit here to read and the Dispensing Optics magazine article here.

PLOSONE Research

We participated in a research piece led by SeeAbility , investigating the eye care needs of the special schools population across England. Published in PLOSONE, an international peer reviewed journal, research is available to view here.

Wimbledon Guardian

For further information about the work that SeeAbility does with Perseid School and how it benefits our pupils, take a look at the article published by the Wimbledon Guardian.

BBC World Service

 Executive Headteacher Tina Harvey was interviewed by the BBC World Service regarding the benefits that the relationship with SeeAbility has on the individual child, including the benefits of regular eye tests and ensuring the appropriate eye care. To listen, please follow the link here.

 As the first school to offer all of their pupils a SeeAbility eye care service in the school environment, Perseid School have provided exceptional support in developing the service.  Leadership and teaching staff have at each step of our pilot –from the inception and planning stage to where we are now in the 5th year of providing the service, offered practical and logistical support.  Perseid have been instrumental in allowing SeeAbility to develop an innovative model of eye care, spectacle provision and vision information sharing to optimally support the visual needs and abilities of all pupils.  This model of care has now become a recommended standard for all special school pupils in England.

Lisa Donaldson, Head of Eye Care, SeeAbility


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