Perseid School

Image Theatre Visit

IMAGE theatre joined Lower School on the 4th July to give a performance of Robin Hood in the Lower School Hall. They transformed the hall into a forest and select pupils were chosen to be a part of the performance.

Eight pupils went to learn their parts in the production and they became: Friar Tuck, Little John, Henchmen, Prisoners and Archers. In the meantime, the remainder of the school were taught four songs with actions to singalong to during the show.  After snack, everyone returned to the hall and the actors put on their costumes. The whole school enjoyed a very interactive and funny performance of Robin Hood and joined in with singing, dancing and clapping.

The purpose of the performance was to offer an enrichment activity at the end of the school year.

All the children enjoyed the production. In particular, Green pathway pupils stayed in the hall and watched the whole performance and Ade remained sitting for the whole time. Camilla's Blue group learnt the words to the song and joined in with the actions. Yellow pathway were moving from side to side to try and get a better look at the show, in particular Hannah was extremely engaged. Diane's Blue group clapped and swayed in time to the music. Orange pathway were smiling and laughing throughout. And Red group were mostly performers!

All the performers were fantastic. Kallum and Riylee were Little John and Friar Tuck respectively and remembered their lines and delivered them with humour so that everyone laughed. Milli N and Hasaan were the henchmen and they acted out their lines clearly and independently. Seb and Makhai were the prisoners and Seb did a great job of clinging onto the prison bars! Zoeya and Nathan were the Archers and they did really well firing a (pretend) bow and arrow, and everyone cheered.

A number of staff approached me to say that it was one of the better shows they had seen at school, that all the pupil actors did brilliantly and that all pupils in the audience were really engaged.

IMAGE theatre also said that it was a great performance and they had a great time and were happy the pupils had enjoyed the show so much. They said they though the actors were fantastic and very funny!

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