Perseid School


Perseid is a day school for pupils aged between 2 and 19, who have severe or profound learning difficulties, including those with an additional diagnosis of autism.

Perseid School is maintained by the London Borough of Merton, and pupils are placed at Perseid following the completion of a statement of SEN naming the school.

What We Offer

Perseid is staffed by qualified and experienced teachers supported by support staff qualified at Level 3 and Level 1, along with apprentice teaching assistants (through the National Apprenticeship Scheme) who are able to provide skilled intervention through highly developed assessments and detailed planning and review procedures.  Pupil\staff ratios are high.

The school offers a communication rich environment where the development of skills for communication are encouraged through the use of Intensive Interaction, PECS, Signalong, ICT and other forms of augmentative communication as well as speech.  Pupils benefit from physio, occupational, speech and therapy programmes, as detailed in pupils’ individual Education Health and Care Plans to compliment and facilitate learning.  Input from Educational Psychologists, CAMHS and specialist peripatetic teachers is also provided as appropriate.

All pupils follow a broad and balanced curriculum.

All pupils follow a broad and balanced curriculum, which is deeply personalised to ensure individual needs are met.  Where relevant to meet individual needs, this is complemented by opportunities to link with pupils in mainstream school for short periods of time.

Close home school links are valued and promoted in order to develop consistency and strong links exist between Perseid School and other schools within the borough, as well as many of the local voluntary agencies, e.g. Mencap and Kids First.

Pupils are grouped according to National Curriculum Key Stages 1-4, plus a Nursery and Sixth Form.  At the age of 16, pupils move onto the Further Education Sixth Form department. The school is accredited to offer a range of accredited courses at KS4 and KS5.  Links with post school providers are strong.

Our Pupils

The pupils at Perseid, ranging in age between 2 and 19 years, will all have marked limitations in learning across all aspects of their development.  

Pupils will remain at very early levels of development and will, as a direct result of their disabilities, be vulnerable, and at times unpredictable.

Many pupils will have additional physical disabilities and sensory impairments.  Many other pupils will have extremely challenging behaviour and wellbeing needs which will present significant blocks to learning.  

The Referral Process

Families with a child for whom Perseid may become appropriate are welcome to visit school informally before or during the process of completing an Education, Health and Care Plan. Parents may be accompanied by other professionals with whom they already have contact.

Once the EHCP is complete, the Local Authority consults with schools, via a formal Local Authority panel system, regarding their suitability to meet the needs of the pupil.  Subject to this being agreed, the Executive Headteacher will then make contact with the parents.

The Process of Admission to Perseid School

Great emphasis is placed on the involvement of parents in this process, and care is taken to ease the pupil sensitively into school.

The vast majority of pupils joining Perseid will do so at Nursery or Reception age.

All admissions are co-ordinated by London Borough of Merton.  All pupils attending Perseid must have an EHCP in place. Once placement is agreed with the Local Authority, the Executive Headteacher will inform parents of their child’s proposed start date.

Further Information

For more information and of details how to apply, please contact the Local Borough of Merton.




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