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What Our Pupils Say

We took the opportunity to speak with some of our pupils, to find out more about why they love Perseid School and what they look forward to most every day.

 I like Drama, Maths, staff who help me and help me learn

I like Music, Food Science, Art, English and Maths

School is safe, school is good

We have music and swimming'

My favourite thing is coming to school to see my friends

I like learning in class

I like to help people when they need my help. Perseid helps me do this by teaching me to be nice and helpful.

I like to do the register in the morning and saying good morning to my friends, because it is fun.

School is fun because I like to play with others in the playground.

We need to learn and be responsible. Perseid helps me do this.

I like playing with my friends in the playground because it makes me feel happy.

I love Perseid because we have lots of staff and teachers. They can help us with the playground and learning.

Coming to school every day and seeing my friends is so much fun, and we do lots of fun things like Panathlon and Sports.

My favourite thing about coming to school is making friends and helping people.

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