Perseid School


At Perseid School, our governing board are united in their aim of providing every pupil with a rich and tailored education, in a happy environment.

The governors come from a wide range of backgrounds, taking on a large responsibility and serving the school with great commitment, support and dedication.

Leaders and managers, including the governing body, are strongly focused on improvement and have a very clear vision for the future…the school has a committed and stable team of staff who share the Headteacher’s vision and strive for high standards.


The effectiveness of the governing board was recognised with the award of the National Governor Quality Mark in June 2010, renewed in autumn 2013, and again in 2018. School staff thank each member of the governing board for their support and diligence in governing our school.

Comprising ten members including parents, local authority representatives, community representatives and staff members, the governors command a pivotal role focusing time and resources through termly meetings of the full board and frequent committee meetings to aid and complement the overall aims and mission. The Perseid School Governing Board comprises three committees:

The Resources Allocation Committee is responsible for overseeing and directing the use of the school’s resources, both financial and personnel.

The Outcomes Committee evaluates and manages the development of high standards in learning and teaching, including the evaluation of the impact of the school’s communication and interaction specialism.

The Pay Committee is concerned with the decision making process relating to staff pay, in line with local and national arrangements.

Annual Governance Statement for Perseid School 2020/21

Terms of Reference

Governance 2020/21

Term of Office for all Governors: 4 years.

No governors have any material interests arising from relationships between governors or relationships between governors and school staff.

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