Perseid School

Case Study: Progression and Higher Education

Mollie Crossley has worked at Perseid School for four years, as a Level 3 Teaching Assistant.

With strong desires to work in the teaching sector from a young age, Mollie decided to delay her university to degree to gain first hand experience, and came to Perseid. Whilst at Perseid, Mollie as valued her role in supporting and helping children, finding her new career path incredibly rewarding and gaining a great sense of job satisfaction.

Mollie applied to work at Perseid School as an Apprentice, and chose this career route as it allowed her to gain a qualification alongside first-hand experiences, all the while developing her knowledge in an area she had limited experience. Upon completing her apprenticeship course, Perseid offered Mollie multiple training and induction opportunities, enabling her to become a permanent member of staff and progress through the ranks from TA1 to TA3, and begin studying her degree in Education Studies. Following the completion of her Foundation degree, Mollie plans to complete a top-up year to achieve the full degree and become a qualified teacher.

Studying Education Studies, supplemented by Perseid School, will educate Mollie further in the areas of safeguarding, special educational needs, teaching theories and curriculum planning, all of which is relevant and will extend her current knowledge.

Throughout her time at Perseid School, Mollie has benefited from a wealth of learning and experiences, gaining more responsibilities as she is provided the opportunity to lead lessons, make decisions and supporting the teacher to lead a team. Mollie speaks highly of the wealth of training and professional development opportunities, cohesive working team and positive working environment, and highlights the annual appraisals where staff are encouraged to discuss their strengths and weaknesses, and areas they would like to develop, and how the school can support the achievement of this.  

For Mollie, the pupil centric approach at Perseid resonates with her own values. All members of staff are equipped with the correct training, and a shared vision, to make a difference to pupils learning and wellbeing. Staff are committed to delivering the highest standard of teaching, which is bespoke to individual need, made possible by Senior Leaders dedication to ensuring every member of staff is highly skilled, and has the appropriate training to match the schools Outstanding Ofsted status.

In the future, Mollie hopes to continue on her upward trajectory of success at Perseid School and progress in to a teacher role, at Perseid School.

Not only are staff at Perseid committed to developing the very best of staff, but they are to pupils as well. Pupils communication, development and wellbeing are supported by providing staff with training and resources for a wealth of strategies and therapies, meaning our portfolio of skills benefits pupils in the best way possible – we recognise each child is different and ensure the correct strategies are in place to support them. I leave work knowing the work we are doing is having a positive impact to the child’s learning and well-being, and that my practice is of the highest standard it can be. It is incredibly rewarding to work at Perseid School.


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