Perseid School

Upper School

Emma Westwood, Assistant Headteacher

With a passion for working in special educational needs; Emma has worked at Perseid School for 11 years.

Emma was attracted to a career in teaching as a result of her desire to make a difference to children’s lives and encourage their love of learning in a fun and safe environment, an aspect of our school that we are most proud of.

As an Assistant Head, Emma sees the future ambitions of our school as developing the use of play as an integral area of pupil development, and places the vision of the Leadership Team as a key contributor to the success of the school. It is the variety of her role – teaching in class, leadership course or university lecture, supporting staff and pupils, developing lessons, mentoring an NQT that Emma believes makes her role so unique.

Seeing the pupils achieving milestones everyday as a result of the staff dedication is inspiring. I love supporting pupils with a structure and routine, but challenging them to achieve and grow everyday.


Surita Meyer, Assistant Headteacher

Surita has worked at Perseid School for 13 years and as an Assistant Head since 2011; her teaching career began in South Africa, before moving to England to further her passion in special educational needs teaching.

With a strong desire to make a difference in the lives of children with special needs, Surita values the impact that the school has on pupils’ lives, watching the pupils develop into young adults and celebrating their milestones together.

As a licenced Thrive Practioner, Surita is provided with the opportunity to contribute to the overall and positive wellbeing of pupils, an important aspect that impact and improves the quality of life for pupils.

I have always had a passion for children with special needs, and walking into Perseid School for my interview I knew I found the school I was looking for.  I was lucky enough to find a school that matched with my vision and values.

Committed to
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