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  • Tuesday 18 January 2022 Learning About Rainforests Elephant Class have really enjoyed the start of their 'Rainforest' Creative Curriculum topic. Pupils have learnt about the trees of the rainforest and the different plants that grow within the rainforest habitat, and have learnt more about how they grow, did their own planting and created artwork. Take a look!
  • Tuesday 18 January 2022 Orchestra Visit
  • Wednesday 12 January 2022 SeeAbility Ready Willing Able
  • Monday 10 January 2022 Duke of Edinburgh
  • Tuesday 7 December 2021 International Day of Disability Last week, pupils at Upper and Lower School had a fantastic time celebrating International Day of Disability.Throughout the day,pupilsexploredwhat disability means,celebrateddifferences and thought aboutwhat people with disabilities can achieve. Lower pupils had lots of fun with BLINK theatre group and Upper school did fantastic work with their exercise circuits. We are thrilled to share that Perseid School and its community raised over £450 during this event.
  • Wednesday 1 December 2021 Parent Survey Every year, we conduct a parent survey to gauge individual ideas of your child’s experience at Perseid School. The feedback serves to provides both senior leadership and our governors with an indicator of how the school is progressing towards our targets, and highlights key areas for improvement.
  • Thursday 25 November 2021 Home to School Travel Assistance Consultation Merton Council has started a consultation on possible changes to the council’s home to school/college travel assistance policy, which is primarily for children with SEND (special educational needs and disabilities).
  • Wednesday 24 November 2021 Children in Need On Friday 19th November, Perseid School celebrated Children in Need during enrichment assembly.
  • Wednesday 24 November 2021 Thrive in Action In Blue Pathway every Friday, pupils experience a Thrive focused morning. So far this term, pupils have been focusing on building relationships through fun and motivating activities. Every week pupils have created something different, starting with salt dough, playdough and moving to silly putty. Pupils are encouraged to follow visual instructions, request the ingredients and mix; the next stage will involve moving on to more cooking, using healthy ingredients.
  • Tuesday 23 November 2021 Bounce, Bounce, Bounce! Using trampolines in the Lower School Hall, our Reception Class engaged in Rebound Therapy sessions led by Merton Schools Sports Partnership, where they were taught a series of logical movement patterns, designed to help each pupil continually develop in a stimulating manner which is fun for the pupil. Benefits of the therapy included increased self-esteem and confidence, increased used of the vestibular and proprioception systems, improved core and muscle strength and opportunities for functional communication.
  • Monday 22 November 2021 Celebrating our Staff We are thrilled to share with our wider school community that KS2 teacher Kate Circuit recently graduated from the SSAT Leadership Legacy Project. SSAT is the largest and most active network of schools in the UK, helping teachers to empower pupils to achieve, and the project is a year-long initiative established to develop teachers’ leadership.
  • Thursday 18 November 2021 Writing Skills Yellow and Orange Pathway have been demonstrating group work in pre-writing Write Dance lessons, with pupils practising their skills using a range of materials to create letters.
  • Wednesday 17 November 2021 A Rumble in the Jungle Giraffe Class have been investigating the jungle in their Creative Classroom, with activities in and outside and outside of the classroom. From exploring sensory jungles using their trays and discovering which animals live in the habitat, to creating arts and crafts with paper plates, making snake patterns with chalk on the playground and dancing to the animal boogie, pupils have thoroughly enjoyed their topic. Particular highlights include bubble snake Bucket Time and PE dance stomping like an elephant and slithering like a snake!
  • Monday 15 November 2021 Monkeys, Witches and Fairies in the Library As part of Monkey Class’ Learning Outside the Classroom topic, pupils are adventuring to Morden Library. Each week, pupils walk to the library and spend time reading Bag Book story, The Uninvited Guests and a Pirate Adventure. These trips are the class’s first offsite learning experience since Covid restrictions, and all pupils were incredibly excited and did extremely well. Well done all!
  • Thursday 11 November 2021 Up and Away into Space! This term, Elephant Class have focused on Space Explorers, in their Creative Curriculum topic. They have had lots of fun learning about the planets, worked hard to create their own papier mâché solar system and used a telescope to investigate the planets – and how they make things bigger! Zebra class have also enjoyed the Space Explorers topic, exploring it through cookery and art: creating chalk art pieces, astronaut pudding, puff pastry stars and using visuals to support expressive and receptive language.
  • Wednesday 10 November 2021 Upper School Playground Following the school questionnaire last term, School Council members raised improvements with the Upper School playground, which were written into the School Council Development Plan. Members went on a tour of the playground with Assistant Headteacher Kim to assess the areas and share their ideas. In the last Council meeting, members were shown an initial plan for the outdoor area which they were thrilled with. Ideas for a climbing structure were shared and wood was used to create a model of the proposed climbing structure. Pupils discussed how they could make it accessible for all pupils, showing great understanding of their role and responsibilities as members of School Council.
  • Wednesday 10 November 2021 Outdoor Classroom Day Octopus Class planted some lettuce plug plants as part of their participation in Outdoor Classroom Day. They very carefully looked at the plants, examining the roots, stem and leaves before placing in the soil.The pupils
  • Monday 8 November 2021 When Numeracy Gets Tasty Orange Pathway pupils strengthened their number and measurement knowledge through practical application, when they baked delicious blueberry and banana muffins. Following numbered instructions, pupils counted how much of each ingredient they needed, requested equipment, ingredients and support where needed and the result was magnificent gluten free, dairy free goodness! Working in groups, pupils boosted their communication and practised their attention and turn taking, thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to sample their baked goods and take them home!
  • Wednesday 3 November 2021 Life at the Sixth Form Already this term, 6th Form pupils have been thinking ahead about their future. As part of their career’s education, pupils attended St Piers and Orchard Hill virtual open days. Pupils have been testing and developing their independence skills and our Duke of Edinburgh pupils have also begun the volunteering aspect of the award, by getting involved in the school community litter picking tasks and developing their rabbit care knowledge, before they embark on the real thing at at Lower School.
  • Tuesday 2 November 2021 Exploring the Edible Garden Area Trees for Cities is a UK based charity, working at an international and national scale to improve lives by planting trees and cities. Pupils in Octopus, Turtle and Starfish Class enjoyed a gardening workshop led by the organisation in our new Edible Classroom, experiencing a specially tailored seed sowing workshop to introduce the space and gardening activities. Pupils learnt all about the different tools before getting their hands dirty in the compost and planting seedlings! Next term, they will be encouraged to monitor the progress of their plantings.
  • Tuesday 2 November 2021 What’s the Weather Outside? This term, Octopus Class have got well and truly stuck into their Creative Curriculum topic - Sensational Seasons! Pupils have been learning about the different weather associated with the seasons and particularly enjoyed making ‘Puffy Paint Clouds’ using glue and shaving foam. Pupils have engaged with art and craft materials, followed visual instructions and requested resources and in attention activities using the strategy Attention Autism and have also enjoyed taking turns to sit and sing along under the umbrella as it “rained” (with water spray).
  • Monday 1 November 2021 Music at Perseid Creative Arts and Music are an integral part of the curriculum at Perseid School, and this term pupils have relished a busy time, enjoying choir, piano and wellbeing sessions to support individual pupils. This year, Calder Class have been taking part in Merton Music Foundations In2Music project, incorporating whole class tuition to play a musical instrument and developing their percussion skills using the djembe drums and bamboo tamboo with a professional musician and tutor. All pupils have shown excellent focus along with an ability to follow musical direction.
  • Thursday 30 September 2021 School Council Questionnaire Findings On Friday 26thMarch, the School Questionnaire was completed by the School Council at Perseid Upper School. Below is a collation of their responses.
  • Thursday 30 September 2021 Space Explorers
  • Thursday 30 September 2021 Exploring the Edible Garden KS1pupils had the chance to explore our brand new Edible Garden in a gardening workshop led by Trees for Cities. Each class experienced a specially tailored seed sowing workshop to introduce the space and the gardening activities. Firstly, they sat around the outdoor classroom area and learnt to recognize and identify different gardening tools. The pupils spent a little bit of time exploring the different tools. Then, pupils were able to get the compost and seeds to plant before locating their class group?s gardening bed, which was labelled with a picture of their class animal. Each group then planted their seeds and will be encouraged to look after them as the term progresses.
  • Tuesday 21 September 2021 Edible Garden Adventures Orange and Yellow Pathway had a wonderful session with Louise this week at the new Lower School Edible Garden! Pupils loved using tools, exploring the soil and planting some Pak Choi!
  • Monday 13 September 2021 Welcoming Nursery to Perseid At the start of September, Nursery class welcomed their new pupils to Perseid School. To warmly welcome pupils to the school, Nursery held an a party, which allowed children to explore all areas of early years with their parents, before starting school. The event also gave children the opportunity to meet their new class friends, reception pupils and staff, to begin building positive relationships and ensure they are settled in.
  • Monday 6 September 2021 Orchard Hill College Open Events The Orchard Hill College Open Eventsare a great way to meet the teams, have a look at the college and ask any questions you may have about what they offer.
  • Wednesday 11 August 2021 Mental Health Awareness Week In May, our school community came together for Mental Health Awareness Week, enjoying a range of activities linked to the ‘Connect to Nature’ topic, to develop their understanding of the subject.
  • Wednesday 21 July 2021 Annual Achievement Awards Each year, our annual achievement and leavers assembly at Lower and Upper School allows the opportunity to celebrate our fantastic cohort of pupils.
  • Wednesday 21 July 2021 Arts Week Our annual Arts Week allows the opportunity for pupils to investigate the breadth of the Arts and introduce pupils to new opportunities and experiences. This year, the theme for Arts Week is Inspirational Nature, with Upper pupils engaging in dance, design, photography, visual arts and music related experiences. Although a very different Arts Week to normal with no external visits and fewer visiting artists, our Upper School community enjoyed a fantastic exhibition of pupils work. Take a look!
  • Wednesday 21 July 2021 Transitioning Up Routines are incredibly important not only to our pupils, but to the way we operate in providing stability and structure. As such, our Lower School work in collaboration with Upper School and colleagues in psychology services to create a seamless transition programme, ensuring that pupils have plenty of opportunities to familiarise themselves with their new teachers and environment. Included within the transition programme are regular visits to Upper School to experience English and Maths lessons, snack and play sessions, alongside whole mornings spent adjusting to their new class, our traditional Move Up Morning and meetings with parents. We look forward to welcoming Y7 to their new settings, soon!
  • Wednesday 21 July 2021 Frankenstein Visits Perseid This term, the KS4 pupils have rehearsed their production of Frankenstein and unlike previous productions, this year KS4 made a movie. The movie includes song, dance, and incredible performances: Albino took on the role of Victor Frankenstein and developed his acting skills well, as he learnt to take direction and build on his performance. Fahima played the monster and enjoyed using movement and voice to create a scary creature, and Jack played Captain Robert Walton and used his iPad to communicate. All the pupils worked extremely hard to film all of the scenes and came on set with energy and enthusiasm. Well Done KS4! 
  • Wednesday 21 July 2021 Thanking Aman For almost two years, Aman has taken on the role of Head Pupil with a sense of determination, positivity and warm spirit, with a keen wish to help those around him. Known across our school community for his kindness, we thank Aman for his work as Head Pupil and wish him the very best of luck at college.
  • Wednesday 21 July 2021 Our Recovery Vision We are proud to share with you, our pupils, families, staff, friends and wider school community our recovery focus areas as we move forward from the pandemic.
  • Wednesday 21 July 2021 Celebrating Our Staff We are thrilled to share with our wider school community that KS4 teacher and Upper School PSHE, Online Safety and Drama Lead Leanne Golightly recently graduated from the SSAT Leadership Legacy Project, a prestigious and impressive award. SSAT is the largest and most active network of schools, helping teachers to empower students to achieve, and the Leadership Legacy project is a year-long initiative established to develop teacher’s leadership. The project has offered Leanne opportunity to study leadership models, skills required to succeed in leadership, leadership vision for education and spend time with highly successful educators.
  • Wednesday 21 July 2021 Pupil Council Upper School Council have now completed their annual school questionnaire, and one of the actions they presented on behalf of themselves and their peers was wanting more usable outdoor space and equipment. In order to achieve this, Council discussed their ideas with senior leaders and governors to gain perspective on the possibility of this request, and check whether this is a priority for the school. Council met with Assistant Headteacher Kim, with minutes outlining potential areas and ideas for development. We look forward to updating you all with the next steps soon.
  • Wednesday 21 July 2021 KS1 Get Creative KS1 pupils’ Creative Curriculum topic has been ‘Will You Read Me A Story’, with sessions themed on ‘The Jolly Postman’, regaling the postman’s journey as he visits different fairy tale characters. Pupils have enjoyed creative activities focused on the fairy tales as part of the topic. Pupils loved following the Postman to the Giants house from Jack and the Beanstalk, planting their own beans, creating a paper chain bean stalk, decorating golden eggs and engaging in sensory trays filled with beans and lentils. In PSHE, pupils immersed themselves in the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ to support their Healthy Lifestyles topic and enjoyed print art with fruit and vegetables and creating their own fruit salads and smoothies!
  • Wednesday 21 July 2021 Catching up with our Head Boy Pupil Voice is fundamental in how we operate, not only in our efforts to ensure every pupils’ voice is heard, but in our position as a Rights Respecting Gold School.
  • Wednesday 21 July 2021 Book Week at Lower School This year, Lower School Book Week was focused on the stories of Julia Donaldson.
  • Wednesday 21 July 2021 Spotlight On: Mental Health and Wellbeing There is a link between promoting positive wellbeing, building resilience, good mental health and improved outcomes for children and young people. Children spend a large percentage of time in their school environment and it is vital to us that our school provides the ideal environment for promoting good emotional wellbeing. Evidence indicates that emotional wellbeing is a key indicator of academic achievement and improved quality of life, and therefore maintaining the positive emotional wellbeing of our pupils is of paramount importance at Perseid School.
  • Wednesday 21 July 2021 The Perseid Gardens The Edible Playground at Lower School is part of the Trees for Cities initiative, which aims to transform areas of school grounds into educational, natural outdoor spaces. Turning an underused area of the school site into an outdoor classroom with a focus on gardening and growing, it has been designed specifically with the needs of our pupils in mind, to ensure the garden is a motivating and engaging space, accessible for all.
  • Monday 19 July 2021 Nursery Transition This term, Nursery pupils had the opportunity to visit their new Reception class, to encourage the Nursery pupils to have an opportunity to play, explore and investigate their new classroom. This is in order to prepare them for their transition into that classroom in September, to help them settle more quickly and feel more confident and to prepare them for change. This also gives the Reception staff the opportunity to begin to build trusting relationships with the Nursery pupils and to better understand their likes, dislikes and preferred styles of play.
  • Tuesday 13 July 2021 Edible Garden Update We are so excited to share that our new outdoor classroom, the Edible Garden, is complete and ready for lessons and workshops which will begin next term with support from Trees for Cities. The pupils will be able to learn key gardening skills as well as composting and seeing the wormery! 
  • Monday 5 July 2021 Rotten Roman's Learning KS3 pupils at Upper School have thoroughly enjoyed their Creative Curriculum topic, Rotten Roman's Learning. As part of their topic, pupils have dressed up and created their own togas, practised writing Roman numerals, made Roman head wreaths and tickled their tastebuds as they sampled a Roman banquet.
  • Wednesday 30 June 2021 Colour Tent In Monet Class, teachers created a coloured a tent, hanging from the ceiling to encourage functional use of pupil Calix's vision, by limiting the normal everyday clutter in his field of vision to a singular colour. The hope is that he will have better use of his vision, to locate, make sense of a build an visual understanding. 
  • Monday 28 June 2021 Nursery Venture to the Upper Playground The Nursery children were practicing their Transitions around the school today. They were exploring different parts of the school and getting used to the different sights and sounds. Once they finished exploring through the corridors they made it to the Upper Playground where they enjoyed exploring the unfamiliar play equipment. The pupils were confident to try new experiences and take on new challenges, practicing their climbing, balancing and bouncing skills on the range of play equipment including the trampoline.
  • Monday 21 June 2021 Orchestra of Enlightenment Last week some of our pupils took part in zoom music workshops with professional musicians from the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment.
  • Monday 21 June 2021 Purple Pathway Purple Pathway have been reading the story How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers in their literacy lessons this week. They created puppets and thought of alternative endings to the story, they then practiced their speaking and listening skills by performing to the rest of the class.

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