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The MOVE (Movement Opportunities via Education) is designed to provide people who experience difficulties in sitting, standing and walking with an opportunity to achieve a greater level of independence and inclusion.

The MOVE programme is achieved through instruction, adaptive equipment, therapy and family support, raising expectations and focusing on positive opportunities to help pupils reach their maximum capability in movement.

The MOVE programme has the potential to positively impact every area of a pupil’s life.

The MOVE programme has the potential to positively impact every area of a pupil’s life and wellbeing as well as the lives of their families.  It ensures that the pupil and their family are fully involved as team members developing their personal programme.  MOVE Plans are created around personalised and achievable goals that develop the pupil’s physical and communication skills for both learning and life, these goals are set by the pupil (where possible) in collaboration with the support of their family and other professionals.  The pupil is always placed at the centre of the process.

Perseid is committed to the MOVE programme and integrating the teaching of MOVE skills into every opportunity to increase every pupils’ potential to reach their goal. We are incredibly proud to have achieved the MOVE Quality Mark and be recognised as a Centre of Excellence for Enham Trust, and look forward to sharing best practise.

One target was that my daughter would work at sitting unaided on a chair, which would give her freedom when we are away from home to use normal chairs and enable her to get out of her wheelchair.

We were really excited to see photos of her at school sitting in a plastic chair last summer and at the Physio session at Half term were very impressed at how confident she was sitting on a bench with no back.  This opportunity has allowed her to practice and develop her physical skills and we have really seen a difference.

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