Perseid School

Meet Our Senior Leadership Team

Our staff are our most valuable resource. Staff have a pivitol role in inspiring our learners with a passion for learning and discovering their talents and skills, whilst providing a nurturing environment in which their confidence and independence can grow and our Senior Leaders drive this, everyday. 

We place high importance on staff training. To ensure all members of our staffing body are appropriately trained, staff undertake an induction course, covering moving and handling, autism awareness, positive behaviour support, phonics and sensory integration. In addition to this, TA3’s undertake a two-day certified PECS course, and all teachers complete a three-day TEACCH course, Read Write Inc training and are required to hold a post graduate qualification at Masters Level in SEN.

Fiona Copeland, Executive Headteacher

As Executive Headteacher at Perseid School, Fiona simply stated that her attraction to a career in teaching came from a love of inspiring children to learn and witnessing their own love of learning – 22 years later, this is still the case.

For Fiona, the most unique aspect of her role is the opportunity to work across two campuses with children, families, colleagues and wider networks to ensure pupils are constantly supported in their development. Seeing pupils and staff exceed their own expectations in individual achievements makes her role incredibly rewarding, and Fiona’s own ambition for the school is to offer preschool children and families the same support and opportunities that their young learners benefit from.

I was inspired, and still am, to be part of an educational setting which pushes the boundaries of what is possible for young learners facing complex challenges to achieve.

It is incredibly rewarding to receive feedback from pupils that tells us they love to learn, communicate, play and have fun at Perseid School – all crucial elements of our educational provision.

Mia Dodsworth, Head of Lower School

With 17 years’ experience in complex special educational needs settings at both primary and secondary phases, Mia has a wealth of expertise and experience working with pupils who are multi-disabled visually-impaired, deafblind/multi-sensory impaired, MLD, ASD, SLD and those with profound and multiple learning needs, including pupils with complex physical and communication difficulties. It was during her NQT year that Mia unearthed a passion for SEND, and since has added Qualified Teacher of the Visually Impaired (QTVI) and Qualified Teacher of Multi-sensory Impairment (QTMSI) to her plethora of training. 

It was the dedication and pedagogy at the heart of the school that ensures that every pupil can access high quality education, be nurtured to maximise their potential, and the opportunity to work in a committed team who make the most of every experience for each pupil at Perseid School that made her realise how much she wanted to work here.

Throughout her time at Perseid School, Mia hopes to contribute to the implementation of the school’s culture where all pupils are supported to overcome barriers and, develop the use of technology to aid communication and independence within the curriculum. Mia is particularly passionate about mental capacity and decision making, ensuring all staff understand pupils’ individual capacity, and can participate to their full potential, guarding them against making decisions they cannot comprehend.

“My first impressions of the school are how dynamic and pupil centred the school is. All staff ensure personalised provision is at the centre of all they do. The ethos, passion and motivation from staff to provide each pupil with an opportunity to maximise their potential no matter what is evident across the whole school - the pedagogy and knowledge sat across the school is amazing and it is a privilege to be part of such an inspirational team. I am most looking forward to getting to know all our pupils, families and staff. Working closely in partnership to support everyone in the school community and fulfilling my role to support and build on the schools’ successes to date”.

Surita Meyer, Head of Upper School

Surita has worked at Perseid School for 13 years and as an Assistant Head since 2011; her teaching career began in South Africa, before moving to England to further her passion in special educational needs teaching.

With a strong desire to make a difference in the lives of children with special needs, Surita values the impact that the school has on pupils’ lives, watching the pupils develop into young adults and celebrating their milestones together.

As a licenced Thrive Practioner, Surita is provided with the opportunity to contribute to the overall and positive wellbeing of pupils, an important aspect that impact and improves the quality of life for pupils.

I have always had a passion for children with special needs, and walking into Perseid School for my interview I knew I found the school I was looking for.  I was lucky enough to find a school that matched with my vision and values.

Committed to
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