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Leading Edge Framework for Exceptional Education

Perseid School is an active member of the SSAT network, the largest and most active network of schools in the country, helping teachers to empower pupils to succeed, and part of its Leading-Edge Partnership Programme.

The SSAT’s Framework for Exceptional Education is a school improvement and planning tool, built on the philosophy that school improvement is an ongoing process focused on self-evaluation and a celebration of strengths. The Framework helps schools to implement strategic, principled decision-making and supports ongoing school development and improvement.

We are delighted to share that we recently attained accreditation of Transforming Practice in Leadership through Moral Purpose, meaning that Perseid School has met the highest standards of the Framework for Exceptional Education, and that our work in this field is amongst the most effective practice, nationally.

As a school, we chose to focus on this area within the Framework as it impacts all that we do. It addresses the ‘why’ in our role and mission, and our shared moral purpose guides all that we do at Perseid.

What does this mean?

  • Vision, values and beliefs are enacted and embedded in the actions of all stakeholders and can be seen in the lived daily experience of all learners.
  • The values and beliefs of the school are instilled into all aspects of school life, transitions and school partnerships, influencing decision-making at every level of the organisation.

  • Leaders act with honesty and integrity, show concern for people and focus the school’s attention on its moral purpose.

  • Equity and social justice underpin the leadership culture. Leaders are committed to addressing disadvantage and can demonstrate transformational impact.

  • Schools drive system leadership by committing to work with all education stakeholders at a local, regional, national and international level.

  • Purposeful, committed engagement serves to improve all schools and the wider system.

  • Members of staff at different levels work regularly with colleagues in other schools to improve provision for all learners.

  • The school has a clear, sustainable approach to progression and succession planning, developing high quality leadership capacity for the school and the system.

  • Staff are highly motivated and committed to their career development. School-wide engagement in leadership theory promotes active discussion on best practice and the latest thinking and research.

  • Staff use evidence to inform their leadership behaviours and are positive role models, demonstrating highly effective leadership at all times. There is a commitment to support the leadership skills of others, across the school and in other schools and contexts.

  • Change is effectively managed through careful consultation, analysis and collaborative planning.

  • Decisions about priorities and areas for development are always checked against the school’s ethos and values. 

  • Leaders have the confidence to determine what is right for their school community and take a long-term, principled approach to improvement planning. 

  • Distributed leadership is continually raising standards to stretch and develop all staff. 

    There is an unrelenting focus on teaching and learning and improving learners’ experiences. 

  • Positive leadership creates a culture in which all members of staff are keen to improve their practice and excited about the potential for improvement.

In order to have achieved this accolade, Perseid School underwent a peer review with colleagues from the Douay martyrs School, Hillingdon, followed by an in-depth review from one of the central SSAT leader team. The wider team, including lead practitioners and subject or aspect leads contributed to this. We are pleased to share that we recently submitted evidence for the SSAT Wellbeing and Professional Development strands, and look forward to sharing more about this in due course.

“The importance in leading through moral purpose cannot be underestimated, especially in a setting such as ours where we are supporting pupils with extremely complex needs”. Tina Harvey, Executive Headteacher

What the report highlighted

"The school’s values and beliefs are lived out on a daily basis.  Staff and students are inspired to achieve their very best.  Leaders encourage an open, reflective and ongoing dialogue about learning and professional development. This openness and transparency encourages staff to go the “extra-mile” and to treat others with respect". 

"Every member of staff has the opportunity to develop themselves and to contribute to their team and the school. These values are evident in the way that the school works with a wide range of partners and engages with parents, governors and the wider community. 

"All networks and partnerships focus on the key question which runs through any conversation in the school “What can we do to help our students achieve their very best?” This outward looking approach and willingness to support others reinforces the school’s belief in serving the needs of its local and wider community."

"There is sustained high quality leadership development and provision for all staff. Professional learning is at the heart of the school. Many staff have Masters qualifications and are encouraged to take part in a range of accredited leadership qualifications. Every teacher has a personal professional learning plan with signposted external qualifications". 

"Effective use of pupil, staff and parent voice/feedback not only provides feedback but also ensures their engagement in the change management process. The successful implementation and external validation of key intitiatives such as the Thrive Excellence Award is a further vindication of the school’s ability to implement change". 

"Leaders are able to show clear evidence of impact in classroom practice and in students’ progress". 

"There is clear evidence of sustained high-quality provision for leadership and professional development. Staff feel valued because leaders take time to know them and recognise their achievements.  Leadership is distributed- individuals say they are empowered in their roles.Levels of trust are high because of the open and consistent approach to school leadership. Student leadership plays an active and important role in the school and is very well supported by leaders".

"There is evidence of exceptional leadership practice and commitment to championing the needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged students and families. Effective deployment of resources ensures that pupils receive the ‘best possible education’."

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