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Sharing Best Practise

As a three time-awarded Outstanding School and a National Teaching School, we see our role is to blaze a trail for outstanding educational practise, in the area of complex needs.

This section of the website is dedicated to showcasing examples of best practise, which may be of interest to our colleagues, partners and the wider educational community.

External partners and other professionals recognise that leaders and governors are committed to ensuring that the school remains a centre of excellence that others can learn from.


The Sherwood School

As part of our sharing best practise efforts, we have developed a partnership with The Sherwood School.

Perseid Executive Headteacher Tina Harvey continues her role as Executive Headteacher at The Sherwood School for the academic year 2017-2018; allowing staff to learn more about our leadership and management structures and how these impact on pupil achievement and experience in school.

For further information of the impact of the relationship between Perseid School and The Sherwood School, the aim and future outcomes, please follow the link for our case study. 

 Case study

Merton Special Teaching Alliance

Formed alongside Cricket Green School in 2012, it is The Merton Special Teaching Alliance (MTSA) vision to ensure the most successful outcomes for all our pupils, especially those with special and/or educational needs through a shared moral purpose and outstanding practise. We aim to deliver ‘The Big 3’ support areas of school, including CPLP and Initial Teacher Training, School Support and Succession Planning.

In 2014, MSTA expanded to include Merton School Partners, providing a unique context for its work. As a result, the alliance encompasses a large number of experienced leaders available to provide support at different levels, including Senior Leaders, National Leaders of Education, Specialist Leaders of Education and Expert and Consultant Teachers.

Examples of research and development work are featured on our Merton Special Teaching Alliance website.

MSTA page

SSAT Journal Summer 2016

In the sixth edition of the termly SSAT Journal, which celebrates innovative practise, practitioner’s research and student outcomes, Perseid Executive Headteacher Tina Harvey published ‘Keeping Leadership Fit for Purpose’ article. Reminding the audience that for a school to be truly exceptional, it requires exceptional leaders and needs to strive to keep leadership fit for purpose, the report only emphasises the high quality of leadership at Perseid School. To see the full article, please visit:


Experimental Psychology Journal 

Reception Teacher at Perseid Lower School, Rosie Lawrence, wrote an article entitled ‘Distraction of Mental Arithmetic by Background Speech’ in partnership with Martin Clarkson. The article explores the impact of speech and speech with numbers in the background environment on mental arithmetic problems, and is published in the Experimental Psychology Journal. To see the full article, please visit:


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