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Universities & Secondary Schools

Perseid School works closely with local secondary schools The Ursuline, Kings College School Wimbledon and Wimbledon High School, providing opportunities for students and Perseid pupils to learn from one another.

Perseid School has worked alongside Roehampton, London Southbank and Kingston University for a number of years, supporting students undergoing Initial Teacher Training to develop their understanding of special educational needs. Through a range of intensive courses, placements, mentoring and tutoring provided by the Executive Headteacher and Associate Headteacher and school and class based mentors, Perseid School provides opportunities to see the school in action.

All of the partnerships are bespoke to the university to ensure we offer students the level of support and training appropriate to the needs of the institution.

The Ursuline, Kings College School and Wimbledon High School:

Students from our local secondary schools visit Perseid School to mentor and Perseid pupils in lessons. Peer mentoring has been proven to enhance the learning experience for our pupils and they benefit directly from this relationship.

The partnerships offer two-way benefits, providing our visitors with experiences to further support their Higher Education and career choices; e.g. Medicine, Therapy, Psychology.

In addition, Perseid is a member of KCS ‘Open Doors’ community event which involves working alongside a number of other schools in an annual drama event, led by the KCS Director of Partnerships and supported by KCS pupils.



Roehampton University - NaSENCO programme

  • Offering placements to students.

  • Perseid School is a member of Roehampton Partnership Board.


  • Initial Teacher Training.

  • Delivering School Direct Salaried and Training route Initial Teacher Training in partnership with MSTA.

  • Hosting visits and training sessions and offering placements to students for the SEN option on the PGCE course.

  • Member of the LSBU Partner Advisory Board.

  • Delivering presentations at the University focusing on a career in special educational needs and answering any questions related to the field.

Kingston University

  • Initial Teacher Training.

  • Delivering School Direct Salaried and Training route Initial Teacher Training in partnership with MSTA.

  • Delivering presentations at the University and hosting placements to students.

  • Member of Kingston Partnership Board.

The school looks forward to continuing its work with the universities and build upon these partnerships through upskilling trainees in SEND and providing exemplars of good practice. To date, these partnerships have resulted in:

  • Over 10 teachers trained since 2012

  • 100% of former trainees in employment

 “The visit had quite an impact (very positive) on the students - more than I expected.” Gianna Knowles, Associate Professor, LSBU following a series of visits and presentations from Perseid.

“The local network has been invaluable to me and enabled me to make important local contacts in my early days as a SENCO in Merton” MSTA/Roehampton SENCO course participant.

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