Perseid School

Family Support

A long standing member of the Perseid School community, Tracey has worked with us throughout a variety of roles, for 20 years.

As Family Support Worker and the Designated Safeguarding Professional, Tracey is responsible for supporting families with issues that arise as a result of their child’s special needs, attendance, safeguarding, assistance for parents, advice between families and agencies and workshops for parents and pupils alike.

Inspired by the commitment to developing the whole child approach and the high-level of care for every child is one of the motivations behind the reason Perseid School was the right choice for Tracey; commenting that the pupils’ passion for attending school is a result of the endless opportunities they are offered. Community activities, productions, enrichment are a unique aspect of our offer, and Tracey truly believes that pupils love coming to school to learn in a creative and supportive environment.

I am committed to the well-being and safety of all of our pupils, whilst am passionate about providing families with extra opportunities to enhance their child’s learning and development. I look forward to continuing my role to support parents and developing a strong home-school relationship with all families to involve them in their child’s education, the life of the school and boost their growth.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Tracey for further information on any of the above or other matter:

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