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Family Learning Programme

Perseid School offers many great opportunities for parents and carers to learn about the strategies that their children are using at school and to see videos of their progress.

Summer 2022 Family Learning Programme Timetable


Friday 22nd April 2022


Rhyme Time for Nursery parents and pupils

Location: Virtual workshop via googlemeets. Led by music Teacher Helen, and Rosie.

Friday 29th April 2022


PSHE Puberty Workshop

PSHE Leads Kate and Louise, will be running a workshop on Puberty, on Friday 29th April, from 9.30-11am. The first workshop runs from 9.30 - 10am and will include information on how to support your child through the changes they will experience when they start their period. The second workshop running from 10-11am will include information on how to support your child with other areas of puberty such as personal hygiene, understanding of safe private touch and body changes. As well as focussing on how hormonal changes can impact our pupils behaviour. Location: to be confirmed

Friday 6th May 2022

9.30 to 11am

SALT AAC devices

The SALT team will cover all AAC being used by Perseid pupils in the home, both low and high tech (E tran frames, switches, core boards, PECS, Aided language displays, Grid 3). This workshop is open to all parents and will be modified depending on who attends on the day, and what they are using at home. It will be a chance to practise using the different visual supports with each other, discuss pros and cons to various approaches and problem solve any issues re: use in the home as a group.

Location: In person, Lower School, Meeting Room

Friday 13th May 2022


Tamil Friday

All Tamil speaking families welcome! 

Location: In Person, Lower School, Nursery Classroom


Friday 20th May 2022


​Educational Occupational Therapy

A way to look in to the way in which our ability to make sense of our bodies and environments has an impact on what we do. This workshop will explore the sensory issues that can limit a student’s ability to engage in self-care activities. Self-care tasks are everyday activities undertaken to be ready to participate in life activities. For example, dressing, cleaning teeth and grooming. We will discuss and focus on strategies that can be used to develop student's independence with these skills. 

Friday 27th May 2022


Early Help

Location: Virtual Workshop via googlemeets. Led by Julie O'Mara and Tracey Fowles

 If you are interested in attending any of these workshops, virtually via GoogleMeets, please email the office. They will forward your message on to Rosie, who will then be in touch with you to arrange. If a workshop is suitable for you, due to your child's needs, you will be invited to attend by the professional that is leading the workshop, at points throughout the year.

Parent Workshops

Some of these strategies are presented in a group environment, where parents are invited to the workshops that we feel would be beneficial for them to attend. This is a great opportunity to meet other parents of children using the same strategies. Parent Workshops will also enable parents and carers to have training to use these strategies outside of school. They are generally run on Fridays, 9.30-11.30.

Currently, we run termly workshops including: Signalong, Attention Autism, PECS, Social Stories, MOVE and Intensive Interaction. Our annual Coffee Mornings include Read, Write, Inc, Colourful Semantics, and TEACCH.

Tamil Friday

Tamil Fridays take place on the second Friday of every month, from 10.00 -11.15. All families are welcome to attend, however there is a Tamil speaking Teaching Assistant who also supports the group, along with Family Support Worker Tracey.

Stay and Play

Stay and Play is a drop in session from 11.00-12.30. This is an opportunity for parents and carers of children who attend the Nursery Class to come along, with their child and siblings, to have a coffee, play and chat with other parents and pupils from Nursery Class. Stay and Play is run by our Family Support Worker, Tracey, and Nursery Class Teacher, Rosie.

Helping Hands

Helping Hands is a workshop for parents and carers of pupils in Reception and Key Stage 1. It involves helping to make resources for the pupils at Perseid, such as PECS or symbols, whilst being in a relaxed environment where you can meet with other parents and careers from Perseid, and share your experiences with others.​

 Parent Focus Group

Parent Focus Group is a parent group which is led by Clair Jacks from Merton CAMHS and Tracey, our Family Support Worker. Subjects such as Sensory Processing, difficulties with sleeping, restrictive diets, toileting and behaviour are covered. Clair takes up her post in October, and so more information will be sent out to parents nearer the time.



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