Perseid School

Health Care Provision

Our vision: Working together to provide outstanding holistic healthcare, through collaborative  partnership, to support our pupils to reach their full potential.

Healthcare for our pupils is provided through a commissioned arrangement from Merton’s Clinical Commissioning Group (the CCG). Central London Community Healthcare (CLCH) are the current providers for our school. Our healthcare team at Perseid is led by Jane Griffiths, Team Leader. Jane is a member of the school Leadership Team, has day to day responsibility for managing the staff within the health team and, as a member of the school Leadership Team, for the strategic development of the service within the school.

Senior Leaders from the school, governors and senior managers from CLCH and the CCG meet termly to ensure that the provision made available to the pupils at Perseid is appropriate to meet their needs. 

At Perseid School, the day to day healthcare is provided by a team of occupational therapists and assistants, physiotherapists and assistants, specialist speech and language therapists ( for eating and drinking needs, Augmentative and Assistive Communication devices and communication input for our Nursery, and from nurses and healthcare assistants .

On a visiting basis, e.g via clinics at the school, pupils may also receive healthcare support from the dietician, specialist seating clinics and wheelchair assessments.

Wheelchair services, the immunisations team, paediatricians, incontinence services and vision and hearing services also all visit the school but these services are provided via NHS England rather than CLCH.

CLCH and Perseid School work together to meet the EHCP outcomes for the pupils at Perseid.

The healthcare team work closely with school staff and parents to ensure that pupils healthcare needs and the Outcomes described in their EHCP, are provided for. This is usually in the form of an appropriate healthcare plan and /or therapy programmes.

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