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Learning at Perseid is personalised for each pupil.

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'The lived daily experience of young people in and out of the classroom'' - Dylan William 

Our curriculum is designed with the needs and interests of our pupils at its heart. This means that pupils' communication skills and the approaches the school adopts to support the development of communication are of fundamental importance. Linked to this is the importance of a holistic offer that integrates education and therapy targets into a deeply personalised individual learning plan, reflecting where appropriate, pupils’ mental health and well-being needs and their aspirations, particularly in the areas of PSHE, Learning Outside the Classroom and Expressive Arts. We embrace our community diversity and place strong emphasis on pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Our curriculum recognises that our pupils often learn best when they are practically engaged in experiential learning. Our curriculum vision is informed by all stakeholders in our school, including our pupils, who are invited to contribute to annual school development planning, and through our EHCP reviews and evaluations of pupil learning.

In our setting, the broad and balanced curriculum includes:

  • The core skills of literacy and numeracy (linking with SALT outcomes for speaking and listening)
  • Science
  • PSHE
  • PE and Movement (linking with physiotherapy and occupational therapy outcomes)
  • Expressive Arts
  • PSHE and RSE
  • LOTC (Learning Outside the Classroom)
  • The Foundation subjects of Geography, History, Technology, RE and Computing which are delivered at KS1, 2 and 3 via ‘Creative Curriculum’ planning.

We use the EYFS, National Curriculum and Exam Board programmes of study as the basis for content and expectations for our academic curriculum.

Each Key Stage follows a curriculum map which sets out what must be covered during the Key Stage. Schemes of work are drafted in accordance with the curriculum maps, reflecting the needs and interests of the particular group of pupils. Alongside these, our pedagogy reflects our intent to provide deeply personalised learning and includes our pathway provision, Rights Respecting approach, Expressive Arts offer, PE offer, playtime and lunchtime arrangements, therapy and healthcare provision.

In order to quality assure our curriculum, we have trained teachers as instructors in our key approaches and engage consultants and specialists on an annual basis in the area of PECS, Intensive Interaction, Attention Autism, Positive Behaviour Support and the MOVE curriculum, to review and challenge our offer. We keep our Autism provision under close review through the NAS accreditation programme.

The impact of our curriculum on pupils’ achievement is measured through their academic achievement and the achievement of their EHCP outcomes.

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