Perseid School


Learning at Perseid is personalised for each pupil.

Educational programmes are tailored to address the specific needs of each pupil, ensuring that capabilities and targets are met within small class groups with high level of staff support.

In this way, we ensure that the progress, attainment and development of independent young people is encouraged and celebrated.

From the earliest starting point, pupils are taught appropriate self-help skills, with an emphasis on communication and behaviour so that pupils learn to interact and contribute positively to groups, and within the local community. Creative Arts play an essential role at Perseid; supporting self-expression, communication, appreciation and community access and all pupils swim weekly in our onsite hydrotherapy pools.

Our curriculum advocates a positive lifestyle; healthy eating and daily exercise programmes and our facilities ensure our pupils have excellent opportunities to be active. We are able to provide specialised diet plans as required, through meticulous and careful liaison with the school nurse, parents, carers and dietician.

Communication is at the centre of our provision at Perseid. In order to support the development of students’ communication skills, augmentative communication strategies including Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), Intensive Interaction, Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display (PODD) and Signalong are used where relevant, complemented by alternative communication systems such as iPads and eye gaze technology.

Behaviour support is also fundamental to our provision and behaviour support programmes (BSPs) are used where applicable. The school works alongside the Positive Range of Options to Avoid Crisis and use Therapy- Strategies for Crisis Intervention (PROACT SCIPrUK) framework in order to ensure high standards of intervention and support. This programme is accredited by the British Institute of Learning Disabilities and focuses on positive approaches and proactive responses to behaviour support needs.

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