Perseid School

Therapy Provision

Our close-knit team of teachers and support staff is further enhanced by a therapy and healthcare team.

This work in partnership to integrate therapy targets and healthcare within pupil learning programmes.

Pupils benefit from physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, a dedicated nursing team, educational psychologists, mental health professionals and assistance for sensory impairments. In addition to this; specialist sessions including hydrotherapy, social skills groups, wheelchair clinics, orthotics clinics and medicals are all offered to pupils at the school; and expressive arts and swimming instructors further enhance our care.

Rebound Therapy

Using trampolines, Rebound Therapy teaches a series of logical movement patterns designed to help the pupil continually develop in a stimulating manner that is fun for the pupil.

Benefits of the programme include increased self-esteem and confidence, increased use of the vestibular and proprioception senses, improve core and muscle strength and create opportunities for functional communication.

At Perseid School, Rebound Therapy is offered to those who have sensory integration requirements; and also as an enrichment offer, run by qualified instructors.

Sensory Integration Therapy

Sensory Integration (SI) is the ability to give the appropriate response to different situations and experiences.

The process contributes to the development of self-regulation, motor skills and planning, attention and willingness to learn. However, in some children this does not happen effectively and results in Sensory Integration Dysfunction.

SI Intervention Programmes provide the pupil with opportunities to participate in activities that offer tactile, vestibular or proprioceptive stimulation. These programmes have a means of calming, focusing or alerting the pupil involved. All pupils are assessed by the Educational Occupational Therapist and where appropriate, a Sensory Integration programme is implemented.

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