Perseid School

Early Years Foundation Stage

Pupils aged 3-5 years follow the Early Years Foundation Stage 0-5 curriculum.

Each child is allocated a teacher and a Level 3 Teaching Assistant; these are their key workers. The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum covers the areas of Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Language and Physical Development, adapted to offer a balanced learning experience, focused on a play based approach which aids the development of physical skills and communication.

Learning Targets are set for pupils annually, observation of pupils at play and informal work sessions provide a pivotal opportunity in termly assessments and enable professionals to ensure lesson plans are relevant. Parents are invited to their child’s Annual Review, where all key workers report on experiences, achievements and outline targets for the following year.

Every Friday, Nursery and Reception parents are invited to ‘Family Fun Friday’; an opportunity for parents to join in activities with their children, meet other parents and discusses their child’s progress with teaching staff.

Early Years Handbook 2021/22

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