Perseid School

3. Spotlight On: Mental Health and Wellbeing

There is a link between promoting positive wellbeing, building resilience, good mental health and improved outcomes for children and young people. Children spend a large percentage of time in their school environment and it is vital to us that our school provides the ideal environment for promoting good emotional wellbeing. Evidence indicates that emotional wellbeing is a key indicator of academic achievement and improved quality of life, and therefore maintaining the positive emotional wellbeing of our pupils is of paramount importance at Perseid School.

During school closure, positive wellbeing was encouraged at home through themed social stories, fun packs and cards sent home, group calls with peers and video calls with teachers alongside provision of technology to those who did not have access and an emphasis on Thrive activities, with a focus on breathing, mindfulness, outdoor and creative activities.

Back in school, it is essential to us that processes and practises are in place to promote positive pupil wellbeing, and this is constantly at the forefront of our teaching, learning and targeted support:

The adopted Thrive Approach is integrated into our everyday practice:

  • Relational approach
  • Staff engagement with pupils: building positive meaningful relationships
  • Class pathway group action plans identify key areas to support pupils’ wellbeing
  • Use of stories and books
  • Offering routing and structure
  • Use of PACE (Playful, Accepting, Curious and Empathic)
  • Activities including yoga and breathing exercises
  • Opportunities to learn and explore outside the classroom in our dedicated Learning Outside the Classroom curriculum, Growing Garden (Upper) and Edible Garden (Lower).

For all of us at Perseid it is essential that these strategies are put in place to promote positive pupil wellbeing. We recognise the importance and impact of this for children and young people on behaviour, emotional regulation, engagement in learning and ability to successfully be part of the school and wider community.


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