Perseid School

Accreditation for 2018-2019 Ruth Miskin Training!

We are thrilled to share with our families, friends & local community that we are a 'Get Reading. Keep Reading. Change Everything' School.

At Perseid, we use the highly successful Read Write Inc. Phonics programme to teach our children to read, write and spell. Our children do well in the phonics screening check and by Year 2 the majority are good readers, with excellent levels of success and progress. 

Ruth Miskin Training recognise us for teaching the programme with fidelity and passion - we know what it takes to make reading and writing pleasurable and rewarding for our children.

We have recently attained an accreditation badge, that recognises we:

  • Raise standards in reading and writing for our children 
  • Are expertly trained by Ruth Miskin Training - including our Executive Headteacher Tina Harvey
  • Gain the latest programme updates through regular visits from our Ruth Miskin Consultant Trainer
  • Support our most vulnerable readers with extra one-to-one teaching every day.

We look forward to continuing our role of improving the outcomes for our children and introducing learning into their lives in an exciting and stimulating that instils a passion for learning that stays with them throughout their lives. 


Committed to
inspiring their