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Adventures in the Edible Garden

The Edible Playground is part of the Trees for Cities initiative, which aims to transform areas of school grounds into educational, natural outdoor spaces. In particular, the Edible Playground will turn an under-used area of the school site into an outdoor classroom, with a focus on gardening, growing and eating healthy food in a multi-sensory and engaging way. It will be built by the charity Edible Playgrounds, which as well as focusing on healthy living aims to combat Nature Deficit Disorder by offering exciting opportunities to spend time outside.

Our Edible Playground has been designed specifically with our school and the needs of our pupils in mind. The designers have worked closely with the senior leadership team and LOTC subject leader to ensure that the garden is a motivating and engaging space, accessible for all.

This term, pupils in Nursery have been growing their own coriander, and we are thrilled that feedback from their families have been positive - and that they love having something at home that their child has helped grow and nurtured.

Everything looks so beautiful! It’s melt my heart 

I eat fresh coriander almost daily so he chose the perfect herb, I’ll even try and sneak a little into his pasta to see his thoughts

Thanks for the coriander. My favourite garnish.

Thanks so much. He has green fingers like mum

I found coriander in his bag. I am going to put in his soup. Thank you. 



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