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Every year, our annual Book Week at Lower School allows the opportunity for our pupils to immerse themselves in literature, exploring a selected novel or author in an array of creative, sensory and exciting activities, that is highly anticipated each March.

This year, we did things a little differently. Book Week was themed around ‘Lets Connect’, and it was our aim to encourage pupils to celebrate diversity, read, work and learn together in a range of exciting activities. On Monday, pupils did lots of exciting literacy and arts activities, including making a shared Earth in Big Art, to celebrate Along Came a Different by Tom McLaughlin.

On Tuesday, pupils celebrated friendship, learning skills from each other and accepting and caring about each other as we are. They designed dragons just like Zibbo and creating dragon floats for Friday’s parade and used Colourful Semantics to talk about the story, Amazing, By Steve Anthony.

Wednesday saw pupils celebrate diversity in and between families and the true meaning of family, as they reflected on A Family is a Family is a Family by Sara O’Leary. Pupils created a recipe for a special family, ingredients included: sharing, trust, laughter and kindness. They also drew pictures of their family and decorated t-shirts that expressed themselves. They wore them on Friday afternoon for the Celebration Parade.

One of the highlights of Book Week was a Cultural Celebration which took place on Thursday. Pupils enjoyed a cultural disco, where pupils joined together in clothes that they felt represented them, a dance workshop, a hair salon inspired by Daddy Do My Hair by Tola Okogwu and Golden Dome and Silver Lanterns by Hena Khan read as a Sensory Story with the Speech and Language Team. We would like to extend our thanks to families for sending pupils to school in their chosen dress, and sending them in food from home for their picnic. It was a really special day!

Book week ended with a celebration of being seen for who we are and by someone who loves us, as we focused on Julian is a Mermaid by Jessica Love. Each class wore the t-shirts they had made and brought their dragon float and their best work from the week to share with their peers. The focus was on celebrating all of the amazing things about us!

Overall the week was another fantastic success, and we would like to thank our incredible staff for their efforts in bringing learning to life.


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