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Black History Focus Week

The 19th October marked the start of our Black History Focus Week at Perseid School. Throughout the week, pupils will learn how throughout history people have been treated differently, because of the colour of their skin. Whilst lots of people knew this was wrong and want to change things, and things have improved, people are still fighting for racial equality.

Pupils will also learn more about the Black Lives Matter movement and how it began in 2012 following the death of Trayvon Martin, how BLM protests the deaths and unfair treatment of people of colour and how some people respond to the BLM movement by saying that all lives matter. This is true, but it’s important to remember that not all lives are in danger.

Prior to this, Upper School enjoyed an enrichment assembly, participating in different activities celebrating noteworthy people in our history, including Granville Woods, Garett Morgan and George Washington Carver, and pupils enjoyed a themed massage! A big thank you to our teacher Hannah, for organising the celebration assembly.

On Monday, Orange Class focused on Elijah McCoy, who invented a mechanism on the railway to oil wheels, so that drivers did not have to stop the train to do so. They made their own sensory bottles, with oil and water.

On Tuesday, Upper pupils learnt about famous inventions and had a go at making their own. See here, creating their own automatic three-way traffic signal system, just as Garrett Morgan did. 


 On Wednesday, Elephant Class had a fantastic time learning about important people from history. Firstly, they made paper ice cream cones to celebrate Alfred Cralle's invention - the ice cream scoop!

Pupils also decorated light bulbs to learn about Lewis Howard Latimer who helped to extend the amount of time that light bulbs can be used for.
On Thursday, pupils learnt more about Granville Woods, who invented a mechanism he called a “telegraphony,” a combination telegraph and telephone, which could transmit both oral and signal messages. As you can see, pupils then had a go created it themselves. 
On the last day of our focus week, Giraffe Class learnt all about Lewis Howard Latimer by decorating light bulbs, and about George Washington Carver through shaving foam sensory play.Did you know that George Washing Carver found over 300 uses for peanuts, including peanut butter, shaving cream and antiseptics?

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