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Careers Week

At Perseid School, we are dedicated to providing every pupil with the highest quality careers education, which is pupil-centric, raises aspirations for life, encourages independence, builds confidence and empowers all pupils to plan and prepare for adulthood. Our personalised approach to careers education aims to inspire the potential of every pupil, and support every individual to discover their best next step.

Careers education is embedded within the curriculum at Upper School and the engaging and highly-aspirational curriculum is complemented by a consideration of the skills and traits our pupils already possess, and the ones they need most help in developing. As a result, we are confident that pupils at Perseid School are supported to aspire to and realise a wide range of destinations.

National Careers Week took place in early March, and Upper School pupils engaged in an exciting array of linked activities and sessions.

Careers Advisor Interviews allowed pupils to receive personal guidance interviews and receive impartial advice from an adviser, to set goals for the future. This allowed pupils to explore ideas for future study and work and identify personal skills and qualities, and those they would like to develop.

Pupils were able to explore and identify work roles and develop an understanding of these through ‘real-life’ experiences as they met with employers and discussed work, employment and skills which are valued in the workplace. They also had exposure to an educational setting in an assembly led by Orchard Hill College where they learnt more about what college life is like, and what learning opportunities are available.

Pupils in 6th Form held a Spring Market, which enabled them to use and develop their skills in a real-life experience, whilst linking curriculum learning to careers, and gain an understanding of the importance of developing essential skills and using them during enterprise experiences. Later in the week, we welcomed Transport to London to discuss with pupils how to travel safely and responsibly on London transport, which will support pupils to develop their independence as they prepare for adulthood.

Our annual Perseid School alumni event saw past-pupils return to school to share with their old friends and teachers their journey post-Perseid, and showcase what is achievable, allowing pupils to identify what may interest them, and begin to express personal aspirations.

Careers Week ended with a Skills Builder Challenge Day, in which pupils worked towards developing eight essential skills: teamwork, leadership, aiming high, staying positive, creativity, problem-solving, speaking and listening. Pupils applied all of these skills as they considered what it would be like to live on the moon, in a research task and as they built a 3D model of their new city.

Overall, Careers Week was an incredible success and we look forward to discussing with pupils what they learnt and have taken away from the insightful sessions.


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