Perseid School

Catch up with Head Boy and Head Girl

We caught up with our Head Boy, Daniel, and Head Girl, Danogika, to find out how they are enjoying their roles and what they have been getting up to.

Why did you want to become Head Boy and Head Girl?

We enjoy our role as Head Boy and Head Girl because it is fun and we wanted to help everybody in the school.

What does your role involve?

We have lots of important jobs as Head Boy and Head Girl. We go to the office and collect important folders for the Assistant Headteacher, sign our friends in on the register every morning, help our friends if they need it and welcome and show visitors around the school.

What are your favourite things about Perseid School?

Lots of things - drama, maths, literacy and catering. We like the playing in the playground with our friends, talking to teachers and Friday Foods.

What has been the highlight of your time at Perseid School?

Learning to swim, learning new things and subjects and becoming Head Boy and Head Girl.

What has been your favourite part about Head Boy and Head Girl and why is it important?

Our favourite bit about being Head Boy and Head Girl is voting and making decisions on important things. We help out with wet play, the Christmas market and other things. Having a School Council and Head Boy and Head Girl as we understand the Rights of the Child.


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