Perseid School

Catching up with Octopus Class

Octopus Class really enjoyed their trip to Morden Recreation Ground for their LOTC lesson. They were able to go to the park on the minibus and then once in the park, they enjoyed exploring and playing together on the play equipment as part of their Adventure  Learning topic. 

In their new Creative Curriculum topic 'Are We There Yet?' pupils are learning about different types of transport. They spent time on the bikes and scooters and talked about how many wheels a bike and scooter has. They then learnt about buses and took turns to sing 'Wheels on the Bus', choosing different actions to put in the song. Michael chose to eat an ice cream on the bus and enjoyed this action in the song!

All pupils in Octopus Class have also been spending time exploring the Edible Garden and then coming back to class to take turns playing board games as part of their THRIVE sessions. They are learning to share and take turns and were very engaged with Buckaroo!


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