Perseid School

Christmas Showcase

Upper School pupils performed their Christmas Showcase last December, an exciting tale about the Ice Queen and a group of teenagers efforts to melt her heart and celebrate Christmas. 

The performance began when we met the Ice Queen... and listened to beautiful music composed by Kusuma Class and a wonderful dance performance by the Ice Queen and those around her!

A group of teenagers from Van Gough Class enjoyed singing Rockin Around the Christmas Tree so much and they told the Ice Queen all about the magic of music! She agreed that she would allow music back in the land, if they could find a song warm enough to melt her ice cold heart..
Bonheur Class attempted to melt the Ice Queens heart with a beautiful rendition of Diamond, however for the Queen, the diamonds were too bright to melt her heart.
Following Bonheur's attempt, we enjoyed an outstanding performance of All I Want For Christmas is You.. and whilst everyone here at Perseid thought it was magical, it was not enough to melt the Queens heart!
Just as the teenagers felt like giving up, they stumbled upon a shining star...whilst the Queen was in awe of the star, her heart still did not melt.
Monet Class performed spectacularly for the Queen, singing of snow, but still to no avail, the Queens heart remained frozen.
Just when all was lost and the teenagers were preparing themselves to live in an ice land forever, there seemed to be a glimmer of hope as Riley Class performed the tale of the nativity, alongside a special solo from one of our talented pupils..
Finally! Their final performance worked its magic and the Queens heart has melted. What a wonderful showcase, and a fantastic party to celebrate! Well done to all of our composers, narrators, singers and performers, you all did splendidly.

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