Perseid School

Class of 2023!

At the end of the Summer term will bid a sad but proud farewell to our Year 14 6th Form and other school leavers. We wish this group of six pupils the very best of luck in their next chapter as they enter their college placements and start new schools.


Sabin joined Perseid School in 2011 and has achieved so much throughout his 12 years with us, including most recently receiving accreditation in Healthy Lifestyles. Sabin will be missed but remembered for his love of music and play. We wish you the very best time at Orchard Hill College Sabin - they are lucky to have you.


Hamzah joined Perseid School in 2017. During his 6th Form career, Hamzah achieved the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award and very successfully fulfilled his role as Assistant Sports Coach during his Work Experience. He proudly took on the role of Head Pupil in 2020 and as he moves on to Orchard Hill College we know we will greatly miss his love for football (a keen Liverpool supporter) and his kindness, vibrancy, enthusiasm, hard work and helpfulness to others. We wish you a superb time at college Hamzah.


Areez joined the school in 2015 and has made huge steps forward in his enjoyment of learning and ability to contribute and concentre. During his time in 6th Form, Areez has achieved the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award and accreditations in Media Studies and General Studies. Known especially for his love for completing helpful tasks and his keen sense of humour, Areez will be very much missed when he moves on to Orchard Hill College. We will greatly miss you and wish you a wonderful time at college Areez.


Bisma has achieved so much in her 8 years at Perseid, most recently having her achievement celebrated by receiving an accreditation in Healthy Lifestyles. As Bisma moves on to Orchard Hill College, staff and peers will greatly miss her love of dance, playful temperament and sense of humour. We all wish you a wonderful time at college Bisma.


Ajith joined Perseid in 2017 and has attained many achievements throughout his time here, most notably recently his externally accredited drama award for his role as Grandpa, the Narrator, in the KS4 production of The Wizard of Oz. Ajith is an active member of School Council, where he shares his views and opinions with confidence. Ajith will be greatly missed, we all wish him the best for his 6th Form career at Cricket Green School.


At the end of this year, we say farewell to Abdalla (KS3) as he moves to a new area of the country and so to a new school. Abdalla is fondly known for his creativity, focussed work and love of play. Abdalla, you will be greatly missed by all staff and pupils and we wish you the very best of luck in your new school!

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