Perseid School

Colour Tent

In Monet Class, teachers created a coloured a tent, hanging from the ceiling to encourage functional use of pupil Calix's vision, by limiting the normal everyday clutter in his field of vision to a singular colour. The hope is that he will have better use of his vision, to locate, make sense of a build an visual understanding. 

By creating a space which is smaller, we hope that the pupil will feel safe, calm, happy and can enjoy exploring vocalisations, chatting together with minimal surrounding sounds and time to engage with the teacher 1:1, with no distractions. Directly following sessions he appears to be a little more aware of his surroundings and a little energized.

The project is ongoing, but the signs are encouraging that he is using his vision more purposefully while in the tent. Teachers will look to see if there is some carry over into the rest of his days at school and beyond.  

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