Perseid School


Our Perseid School Curriculum Intent outlines the key priorities for pupils at Perseid and reflects what is at the heart of our curriculum design which has been adapted to meet the wide range of individual needs that represent our pupils. 

Our adapted curriculum has allowed us to prioritise all aspects of the star through an exciting and enriching curriculum allowing the same inclusive experiences and breadth of study that all pupils and young people are entitled to.

Pupils are taught in both pathways and key stage classes and their developmental level is considered in all areas of the curriculum and delivered through a formal, semi-formal or pre-formal approach.

The curriculum covers a wide range of exciting topics, including, Space Explorers, Rumble in the Jungle, Let’s Ski and Seasonal Celebrations. 

For pupils at a formal level these curriculum topics are used as a hook to engage pupils and enable them to develop the skills in our star that are unique to them whilst developing their knowledge, skill and understanding of events in an immersive and innovative way. One formal pathway is currently learning about the Fire of London as part of their Bright Lights, Big City topic. They have experienced and observed tasks and activities which are highly motivating. This has allowed delivery of their science curriculum, whilst developing their understanding of fire safety through learning about past historical events. EHCP outcomes will also be embedded throughout and alongside this curriculum as appropriate for each individual pupil or young person.

At a semi-formal and pre-formal level, the curriculum topic is used as a context to ensure learning and progress towards EHCP outcomes are delivered via an exciting, engaging and innovative vehicle for learning. For example, an outcome for a pupil at a pre-formal level around communication will develop this in the context of a topic such as Under the Sea, with very practical, relevant concrete tasks that allow pupils to practise and consolidate learning.

Educational Visits also play a significant part of the curriculum, experiencing being out in the community can support pupils with their sensory and physical needs, social skills and provide an opportunity to develop and practise communication in different contexts. One pre-formal pathway has recently enjoyed a trip to the Natural History Museum to see the artefacts, fossils and models linked to their Dinosaurs topic. The topic and trip provided an exciting and interesting context for each pupils' individual outcomes and skills to be developed as well as broadening pupils' lived experiences, which is highly beneficial.

It is important that our pupils are allowed the opportunity to experience these different topic areas and by embedding the aspects of our star as a tool to meet EHCP outcomes ensures pupils feel inspired, motivated and engaged giving them the same inclusive opportunities and experiences that all children and young people are entitled to.

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