Perseid School

Emotional Wellbeing and Outdoor Learning

Over the summer holidays, we take time to reflect on key aspects of our school provision and the summer term.

Upper School was very excited to welcome Luna, the therapy dog, with her owner Ana, into school beginning on 26th May and continuing every Thursday, to work with pupils as part of our emotional wellbeing curriculum.  Pupils are referred where staff assess that interacting and working with Luna will prove beneficial, including those pupils who experience anxiety/fear, have difficulty engaging or where their emotional wellbeing is particularly impacted.

Outdoor learning is a key part of the school curriculum. Outdoor learning is proven to be beneficial to pupil wellbeing and readiness to learn, improving their overall quality of life and school experience. Outdoor learning at Perseid increases our pupils’ opportunities to develop skills beyond the classroom that will help prepare them for life beyond school. Not to mention they also have lots of fun!

  • Camping: On-site camping is making a return to the curriculum offer this year after it has been impacted by Covid over the past two years. This year camping took place during the school day on a Friday. There was opportunity for the Year 6 and Upper School pupils to take part, learn about and experience camping, including pitching tents, enjoying a barbeque and campfire and toasting marshmallows.
  • Farm visit to Lower School - Deen City Farm brought their mobile farm to lower school on the 19th July. As well as being a lovely way to end the school year, this gave pupils the opportunity to look at, touch and feed the farm animals.
  • Duke of Edinburgh: During last term the 6th Form students completed the final sections of their Duke of Edinburgh award. Due to Covid, the DofE adjusted the requirements around the recommended environments for expeditions, so participants don’t have to leave their local area to complete an expedition, or take part overnight. Our students completed their expedition on the school site over two school days, planned and cooked their meals as a team, and met the minimum hours of planned activity during each day.


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