Perseid School

Exciting Times Ahead

As part of our ever-evolving vision and offer, last year we relaunched our vision with a post-pandemic recovery strategy in mind. We felt this was the right time to refresh our look, so that it is contemporary and in line of the Perseid School experience.

As such, we have updated our logo to complement the progressive nature of our school. Our school logo represents and signifies our name. The annual radiant Perseid meteor shower after which we are named is considered the best of the year, and similarly it is our aim to blaze a trail for holistic learning to light up our learners’ lives through a pupilcentric experience.

We will not be changing the school uniform logo for current pupils. Instead, pupils who join in the academic year 2023/24 and those who need to buy new jumpers/sweatshirts after this point will use the uniform and equipment with the updated logo. Please let the family support team (Tracey and Taya) if you have any question regarding the impact of these changes.

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