Perseid School

KS3 Creative Curriculum Update

Autumn Term 1:  Brilliant Bugs: During this topic, we will develop our scientific understanding of bugs and their habitats, explore plant life and begin to be able to use this information to classify. We will visit Morden Park and the Butterfly House - observing the physical features of the environments and the bugs in their natural habitats. We will also use a range of materials to create a Bug Hotel in the Upper School Camp Out area which will be a suitable home for many bugs.  

Autumn Term 2: Eureka: During this topic, we will be finding out about inventions old and new. We will explore the invention of transport and have the opportunity to use the different modes of transport in our local environment. We are also going to create some fantastic inventions ourselves to sell at the Christmas Market exploring the criteria, evaluating and improving a product. Famous inventors will be important to us and we will use stories, books, media and other resources to find out more about the inventors.


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