Perseid School

KS4 Work Experience

During the summer term, KS4 pupils at Perseid School embarked on work experience within our school community.  

The purpose of work experience is to provide students with a real life experience of work, to increase student confidence, build essential skills, explore career opportunities and begin to explore career opportunities.

Pupils took part in work visits, work shadowing or work experience within the school community. This included administration, premises, medical and IT roles.

Pupils first explored different work experience opportunities before choosing what role they wanted to explore and experience further. Pupils then explored what skills they would need to fulfil their role, what the role expectations were, what tools or equipment might be needed when taking on the role and what clothing/uniform would be appropriate to wear whilst taking on the role.

As a result, pupils are beginning to think about the skills they are building whilst taking on their roles and when finishing their work experience, pupils will reflect on what work experience they would like to pursue within the local community when in Sixth Form. 


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