Perseid School

Lenny Henry Visits Perseid

At the end of May, School Council hosted a visit from Lenny Henry who read a short reading from his new book 'Book of Legends, followed by an opportunity for questions and a short discussion.

In his drive for greater inclusivity, Lenny Henry was inspired to learn sign language himself and to feature a deaf character in his book in the form of Bran. School Council therefore thought it would be good to have a discussion with Lenny about what it might mean to have a disability; including what makes us all unique and special and the importance of celebrating commonalities and differences.

School Council also learnt more about what it might be like to have the variety of professions Lenny has taken on such as Author, Actor and Comedian and asked Lenny questions such as...

  • What are your plans for the future?
  • Where have you travelled to?
  • How many books have you written?
  • Who are your characters going to be for your next book?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • What is your favourite food?

It was a fantastic experience and we are truly grateful to Lenny for joining us at school.


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