Perseid School

Local & National Events/Projects at Perseid

Such projects offer opportunities for pupils to take part in national and local community events, contributing to pupil’s rights to be part of a community.  It builds on their social skills and offers them a breadth of experience.


  • We held an upper school assembly to think about and celebrate the Queen's reign and the Platinum Jubilee celebrations we had last academic year. We held a two minute silence to reflect on the Queen's life and each student created a portrait of the Queen.
  • Jack Petchey Foundation Achievement Awards

Three pupils were nominated and received awards for speaking up in a positive way identifying what he needs when he feels anxious; for showing bravery and maturity as he overcame his anxiety while preparing for his next steps into adulthood; and  developing confidence as a singer performing with expression and making eye contact with the audience . The Award ceremony is being held at th ePolka Theatre on 10/10/21 and one pupil will be attending with his family and a representative from the school's leadership team.

  • Lower School Cake Sale 20/10/2022

The annual lower school cake sale will take place on Thursday 20th october. Pupils will bake cakes and sell them to raise money for Unicef’s Floods in Pakistan appeal.

  • BBC Children in Need Charity Day 18/11/22

The school council will be discussing fundraising ideas for Children in Need.

  • For international day of disability, pupils will enjoy a day focused on celebrating differences and disabilities. Planning is currently taking place and pupils will be able to take part in a workshop with either a para athlete or Blink Dance company. PSHE lead is currently waiting on confirmation.
  • Winter Market 2/12/22

This is an annual enterprise fundraising event which pupils are working towards in their Enterprise lessons.  The school council will be discussing and voting which charity to raise funds for.


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