Perseid School

Mental Health Awareness Week: EYFS

The purpose of ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’ was to help promote the children’s positive Mental Health and Wellbeing in conjunction with a National Initiative to promote awareness, education and acceptance of Mental Health issues within society, communities and families.

EYFS class decided to utilize the positive benefits of being Outdoors in order to promote the children’s emotional needs and timetabled opportunities for them to spend time in our Growing Garden, taking care of and watering the plants as well as spending time outside with Nature.

Pupils also made use of the positive Therapeutic, calming and soothing properties of handling animals to promote the children’s well-being by spending time meeting, watching, caring for and handling our Rabbits Comet and Star. Handling animals with care also helps to foster a strong sense of empathy and sensitivity towards others.

The children really enjoyed being outdoors, in nature. They were very interested in the Rabbits and their movements and enjoyed the novelty of being in a new environment.

Harry (Nursery) really enjoyed being with the rabbits and was holding out his hand to the rabbit saying ‘come, come’ trying to entice them over to them.

Aaron (Nursery) was a little nervous of the rabbits at first but soon warmed up to them and even requested to see them again the next day by getting a rabbit PEC and vocalising ‘rabbit’. Rosie Lawrence, EYFS Teacher




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