Perseid School


Here we take the opportunity to look back on the highlights and outcomes of key aspects of the pupil experience and curriculum at Perseid School, Summer 2023. 


Pupils embarked and participated in a range of exciting musical opportunities and experiences over the Summer term. This included:

  • Pupils at Lower School have made great achievements in the "Rhythm and Rap" topic, where they improved drumming skills, joined in with a rap about animals and wrote their own class raps!
  • Lower pupils had a fantastic day at The Blues and Roots workshop along with partner schools from the St Helier Cluster.  The day ended in a wonderful performance where all the children performed alongside professional musicians from the Blues and Roots ensemble. It was fantastic to see Perseid pupils taking such a leading role in conducting and singing.
  • In KS3 pupils went back to the 1950s to learn about Rock and Roll music. We used a range of instruments such as chime bars, bass guitar, drums and keyboards to play our own version of "Rock Around the Clock".  Pupils learnt how to hand jive - which they picked up very quickly!  
  • KS4 worked hard on music for their production The Wizard of Oz.  Pupils worked creatively to produce and record a composition to form part of the music for the show. 
  • 6th Form pupils developed ensemble skills through The National Open Orchestra project.  We were delighted to have professional musician Kurt Mayling working alongside us, his amazing trumpet playing really enhancing our music making.
  • Orange pathway at Upper school attended a jazz concert to be performed by Jazz At Lincoln Centre, who travelled all the way from New York to perform to Merton Schools
  • Pupils continued to enjoy extracurricular clubs such as choir, piano lessons, drumming club and Music wellbeing sessions.  The Music Wellbeing Group at Lower have developed a keen interest in jazz and are enjoying some scat singing with the microphone, creating their own improvisations to jazz songs.

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