Perseid School

Nursery LOTC

Every Thursday morning, Nursery pupils embark on a walk from Lower School to Morden Recreational Grounds. Pupils walk along the pavements and through the recreational ground to reach the park.

 The purpose of these walks is to slowly build children’s tolerances with walking longer distances and being outside of the school grounds in preparation for Sports Day 2022! A further benefit to these walks is that it helps the children with managing their emotions when taking part in a new routine and going to a location they may not be familiar with.

Sports Day is taking place at Upper School and the park backs onto the Upper School grounds, so the weekly walks are in aid of getting children comfortable with the journey before the actual day. Not only this but using the park’s facilities is a great way to incorporate the children’s recommended physiotherapy programs in a more engaging environment, also giving them more opportunities to bond with each other via a shared experience.

Whilst at the park, the children can explore a range of sensory experiences (wind blowing, grass on their feet, other families, sliding down the slide) that they may not have access to at school.

It is our aim that the children will be able to practice managing a different transition to an environment that is outside the school grounds. The weekly routine allows the children to understand where they are going and practice self-regulating any distressing emotions associated with unfamiliarity and a change in routine. The children enjoy using the park’s facilities – the practice of using their gross motor skills is highly beneficial to their physical development.



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