Perseid School

Nursery Transition

This term, Nursery pupils had the opportunity to visit their new Reception class, to encourage the Nursery pupils to have an opportunity to play, explore and investigate their new classroom. This is in order to prepare them for their transition into that classroom in September, to help them settle more quickly and feel more confident and to prepare them for change. This also gives the Reception staff the opportunity to begin to build trusting relationships with the Nursery pupils and to better understand their likes, dislikes and preferred styles of play.

 he pupils really enjoyed this session. Many of them were confident to explore the new environment and were interested and engaged by the new resources, activities and toys.

It was great to see Aaron enjoying exploring the puzzles and Mate took a keen interest in the alphabet dinosaur. Harry had a great time exploring the reading corner and looking in the mirror. TJ got very musical with the microphone and the tambourine.



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