Perseid School

PECS Training

At Perseid School, we value every member of staff and their career. As such, professional development is extremely important to us. It ensures that we provide the best educational provision and opportunities for our pupils and allows all staff members to progress, through a bespoke career development programme based on expertise, experience and ambitions. 

During this school term, several members of staff completed the PECS Level 1 training course provided by Pyramid Education. This training supports pupils that often have challenges with speech which is common within Perseid School. The training not only covered in detail about how the system worked but the importance of staff role as facilitators supporting the right of pupils to have a voice and communicate.

Within this training, staff learnt the 6 phases of PECS and how to implement and support students within using PECS as a mode of communication. They participated in practical activities to reinforce their knowledge and understanding.

This enabled the staff to have a deeper understanding of the programme and supporting the development of pupils with very complicated communication needs.

I really enjoyed the course as this intervention can be implemented not only in the classroom, but in any learning  environment including pupils homes.

Megan Edmunds, Class Teacher

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