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Parent Survey

Every year, we conduct a parent survey to gauge individual ideas of your child’s experience at Perseid School. The feedback serves to provides both senior leadership and our governors with an indicator of how the school is progressing towards our targets, and highlights key areas for improvement.

We were thrilled to receive positive feedback from our respondents, and will be utilising the feedback to further inform our actions and strategies moving forward and in our efforts to continuously improve our provision for pupils. 

Some of the key highlights from our 2021survey include:

  • 92% agreed that the school promotes worthwhile attitudes and values.
  • 95% agreed that the school is led and managed well. 
  • 98% agree or strongly agree that staff treat their child fairly and respond to any concerns.
  • 98% agreed that their child feels safe at school.
  • 96% agreed that their child is happy at school.
  • 91% agreed that their child is making all-round good progress.
  • 96% agree that staff encourage their child to become as mature and independent as possible.
  • 96% of respondents would recommend the school to others.

We are pleased that so many parents are satisfied with what we do and the way in which we support their children, and would like to thank parents for their honest responses to the survey. 

As a school, we place great emphasis upon helpful suggestions from our community, and as we strive for communication to be continually developed, our annual parental questionnaire allows us to keep this dialogue open and evolving. We hope to hear more of your views this year, via Parents Evenings, Annual Review meeting, Parent Partnership Visits, through the home/school diaries and at our many family learning programme events.

A full copy of the survey findings can be found here. 


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